Our mission is to provide highly sophisticated yet simple space technologies and geomatics products, services and solutions that positively impact society.


Our Vision to be a premier company that transforms communities in Africa through provision of innovative solutions using space technologies and geomatics.

LocateIT Ltd is a leading Geo-ICT company that offers cutting-edge location-based products and services pillared on ultra-modern Space Science & Technologies / Remote Sensing / Earth Observation, GIS, Airborne sensors, and Geo-Apps (especially for socio-economic data collection). At LocateIT, we strongly believe that our products and services are not an end, but a means – a means to achieving sound societal impacts. We have thoughtfully and professionally designed our 3is Framework TM to ensure successful delivery of the continuum of Information, Initiatives and Impacts at various scales, local to continental. This is why we stand apart in an outstandingly unique way.

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