Specialists in Location-based Services.

Who We Are

LocateIT Ltd is a leading Geo-ICT company that offers cutting-edge location-based products and services pillared on ultra-modern Space Science; Technologies / Remote Sensing / Earth Observation, GIS, Airborne sensors, and Geo-Apps (especially for socio-economic data collection).

3i's FrameworkTM





Data to Information

The d2i department utilizes cutting edge location based information & communication technologies to derive requisite information for prudent community, regional and national development.

Information to Impact

The i2i department picks up information produced by the d2i department and from other reputable information generating agencies to provide sound and sustainable environmental, socio-economic and developmental solutions aimed at delivering positive impacts to societies in Africa.

Service to Satisfaction

The s2s department is responsible for delivery of high quality products and services to our clients while ensuring that our customer service in itself, too, yields unmatched satisfaction


Mentoring Young Scientists 

The inspire program is a true mentor that by design and intent, moulds young scientists from Africa and beyond, to bring out the best of their cognitive and creative selves to deliver life-transforming solutions to communities in Africa

Corporate Affairs

The ca department spearheads our marketing and outreach activities.

The department focuses on: 
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing the company’s products & services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



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